Polyester mesh – knit single bearing – performed the best quality polyester yarn

In our offer you will find extremely durable polyester mesh with excellent elasticity. Polyester is used by our company in the process of making finished textile products. Combined with a polyurethane foam by flame lamination is an indispensable element of finished textile products used in the manufacture of products such as materials for covers for car seats / materials for seat covers, upholstery materials – designed for manufacturers and users, among others, furniture, seats, vehicle interiors as well as manufacturers and users of public transport vehicles: buses, trams, railways and airplanes. Nets polyester produced by SAGAN textile used in the automotive industry, for manufacturers of cars and trucks, furniture industry and industry kaletniczym apply mainly as strengthening stability laminated textile / textile. As a producer of polyester mesh we make every effort to ensure the material was of the highest quality.

The main features of our polyester mesh – knitted single bearing are:

  • high flexibility
  • stretch in all directions
  • softness
  • aeration

We are producing a polyester mesh having a width of 160 to 190 cm of various weights