During production we use high quality yarns and use modern circular knitting machines reputable company Mayer & Cie and Beck: therefore our knitwear are characterized by high strength and long life. For outstanding aesthetics of our products correspond to our designers, so are constantly developing new designs of the latest trends in car upholstery and furniture. Our customers have at their disposal a huge selection of fabrics in terms of weights, colors and fashionable patterns that have successfully checked in the interiors of cars, trucks, buses, trams, trains and even aircraft. Our knitted fabrics are also appreciated by furniture manufacturers.

Knitted company SAGAN textile used in upholstery, they are designed for padding and knocking among others:

  • furniture
  • seats
  • vehicle interior

Knitted company SAGAN textile used in the automotive industry, are used mainly as:

  • materials for the production of upholstery side door
  • vehicle interior ceiling elements
  • plating the outer seat eg .: car covers, car upholstery
We offer modern knitted for the furniture industry and the automotive