We offer high quality service flame laminating at a competitive price

We carry flame lamination takes place on laminarce brand SCHMITT MASCHINEN using high quality polyurethane foam IT2138 company Plama-pur. The entire lamination process has been developed by us so that the final result meets the highest standards and provide exceptional strength and quality of laminates: knitted fabrics, artificial leather, leather cleaner and others.

Flame lamination is based on connecting textiles with polyurethane foam. PU foam flame melts the adhesive layer thus attaching textiles. Machines used in SAGAN the textile allow connection of one, two or three layers of material through the foam. Flame lamination is one of the cheapest methods of lamination. This method is most commonly used in production of such materials as: car seats covers, upholstery materials – designed for manufacturers and users, among others, furniture, seats, vehicle interiors as well as manufacturers and users of public transport vehicles: buses, trams, railseats and airplanes.



Textile Material + PU Foam


Textile Material + PU Foam + polyester mesh