Strona główna / Laboratory

Our mission is to provide customers with high quality knitted and woven fabrics, as well as the provision of modern services that meet the highest world standards. For this reason, in recent years greatly we expanded our factory, equipping it with the latest machines from renowned manufacturers and implemented modern production technologies. We invest in training workers who are already at this moment can boast of very high qualifications and extensive experience. As technology continues to grow, and customers expect more and more of our products, we have invested too heavily in innovative devices, which are the basis of our specialized laboratory. That’s it our best specialists are working on constantly improving our products, in terms of their unique characteristics valuable for the upholstery industry. Thanks to the laboratory and the implementation of new technologies, successfully produce knit flame. With a modern laboratory measurement equipment, we offer our customers specialized testing parameters textiles.

Ripper AXIS enables testing on zrywalność and stretch fabrics, fabrics, artificial leather and laminates, which are composed of:

  • knit + polyurethane foam
  • fabric + polyurethane foam
  • artificial leather + polyurethane foamOur laboratory has also:Meter to measure the weight of knitted fabrics, fabrics, artificial leather, laminatesMeter for measuring the thickness of knitted fabrics, fabrics, artificial leather and laminatesDevice for testing the flammability of knitted fabrics, laminatesThe device for testing the resistance to dirt and czepliwość eg. Pollen or animal danderThe research of our laboratory our products are laminated and laminates (laminate artificial leather, fabric laminate, laminate fabric), performed by flame-art, which are rigorously tested in terms of its properties, depending on their subsequent use by our customers. A thorough quality control of the final product on the browser gives customers the guarantee that they have received exactly the product, which expected. An extremely important element in ensuring the quality of our products and services are the materials used in the production of textiles and laminating. Therefore, we decided on their own to produce significant in the process of flame lamination component, which is a polyester mesh. In turn, the polyurethane foam has been selected by us from many suppliers. Thanks to the cooperation with the company Plama-pur can use foams of various technical parameters, including those with higher density and have reduced flammability.As a manufacturer of automotive upholstery fabrics we are well aware of the rapid development of the automotive industry, especially in terms of new technologies. Therefore, continuous development and tracking of technical innovations is a daily motto of our business.Our approach to manufacturing and services have already been appreciated by many customers who entrust us with ever more ambitious tasks. Thanks to our efforts SAGAN textile brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and innovation.
We invest in innovative devices to improve the quality of our products